Bi-fold PVC Outdoor Screens

After many years exposed to the building and construction industry, we’ve come to realise that a home is not complete without an outdoor entertainment area that you can use any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

We supply and install outdoor alfresco bi-fold screens to enhance your outdoor entertainment area.

Bi-fold screens allow for a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors.

Each panel door is custom manufactured from a heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium frame with many colours to choose from to match your existing home.

The doors are light-weight in design and simple to operate. They are operated via an overhead tracking system with top and bottom stainless steel locking pins and no bottom track, therefore no trip hazard.

The best part about bi-fold PVC outdoor screens? You can entertain your family and friends no matter what the weather. In summer you can open up the screens to allow for a smooth transition from inside to outside, and during the winter when it’s raining, you can keep them shut while still enjoying your outdoor area.

Benefits are :

  • Light-weight but heavy-duty
  • Ten-year warranty
  • No bottom track, so no trip hazard
  • Many colours to choose from to match your home
  • Tailored to your home, e.g.clear PVC screen, pet doors, sunscreen UV block out, and more
  • Adds value to your property
  • Custom-manufactured

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"Chay is extremely professional in the manner in which he carries out his work. He was responsive to all our queries and was easy to communicate with. Chay worked efficiently and effectively across the two days on the job. The quality of the weatherwalls were of a high standard and he also provided us with advice on how to maintain this quality. I would highly reccomend Chay's services to any person wishing to instal PVC Outdoor weatherwalls. Thank you for your work, Chay!"
Francis from Forest Hill
"Chay's work, and the finished product exceeded our expectations. We have no hesitation in saying that in all respects he was excellent."
Robert from Mulgrave
I can’t say enough about Chay’s workmanship, outstanding job, very polite and helpful. He installed our patio bi-fold doors and sliding doors. The finished job was great, very happy with it now, we can have more joy outdoor entertainment. Would definitely recommend him, I will use him again in the future.
Richard I from Mickelham
We appreciate Chay’s dedication to perfection in such a complex installation so it was perfect. Cannot say enough of him.
Gordon V from Ballarat

Uplift Your Home with an Enclosed Deck for All-Weather Enjoyment

You can make a huge change to your home by commissioning an enclosed deck to enjoy your garden better. Make the most of the outdoor environment while retaining the interior comforts that help you relax. Simple Outdoor Screens takes a creative approach to help homeowners design enclosed additions to their homes without time-consuming and overly expensive projects. Our approach is in our name, so please continue reading below to learn more about the numerous options we offer for a deck or balcony enclosure.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding a Patio Enclosure

In our experience, nearly every home benefits from an enclosed deck or patio. These additional spaces extend the home by creating a unique in-between space that blends comfort with nature. Nevertheless, there are more than a few misconceptions regarding this kind of work, such as:

  • Thinking that new enclosures require extensive architectural work. In reality, we’ll use what you already have as a strong foundation and build accordingly. Depending on the design, we may need additional columns or supports, but the majority of the enclosure features our screens, doors, and windows, which are robust without requiring new construction.
  • Thinking it’s far more expensive than it is. Because decks don’t require extensive masonry or restructuring your home, you may find that our proposal fits much more easily into your budget than you originally anticipated. We judiciously use our high-quality materials to minimise the expense without sacrificing safety or style.
  • Thinking your new deck will be difficult to maintain. You’ll find that your deck is as easy to maintain as nearly any other room of your house. Simply keep it clean both inside and out, and you’ll continue to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Occasionally, you’ll want to inspect the panels to ensure that they are functioning correctly and have the essential lubrication. Generally, their lifespans measure in decades, so you will remain comfortable for many years to come.

As we dispel those misconceptions, we’d like to highlight how our service stands out among the crowd.

What Sets Simple Outdoor Screens Apart Regarding PVC Aluminium Bifold Screens in Melbourne

As a small, local business, we prioritise our work quality and client relationships over a relentless drive for the bottom line. As a result, our work is exceptional in several ways:

  • We maintain the highest standards of workmanship, never settling for less than the best. Each client receives our personal attention, so we’re dedicated to completing your project exactly as designed and desired. We only stop once everything is the way it should be, cleaned up, and ready for handoff.
  • We’re unshackled by corporate constraints that limit our options. We love discussing new projects with our clients to see what their vision entails. Our job is to take that vision and figure out the nuts and bolts behind making it a reality, so we embrace creativity in our deck and pergola enclosure designs.
  • The most important part of our business is you, the customer. Our team never loses sight of that fact and always offers respect, responsiveness, and our best efforts. From the first time that you contact us until well after we finish your project, we’re available for you to discuss your ideas, questions, and concerns.

We’re always excited to meet new clients and make new friends, so if you need help with creating an enclosed patio room, Simple Outdoor Screens is your go-to contractor.

Related Services We Provide to Covered Patio Enclosures

Deck and patio enclosures have never been a one-size-fits-all business. Therefore, we carry multiple options to give each project a unique design and feel. The primary categories include:

  • Outdoor Blinds – These blinds retract or unfurl to showcase the natural beauty outside or give you the privacy you desire when entertaining. You can also use these blinds as a simple way to protect against the elements without our more involved panels.
  • Sliding PVC Outdoor Screens – These lightweight aluminium panels give you easy access outside when desired and shut fast when you need protection from the wind and weather. We tailor each one specifically to your home so that you can enjoy multiple colour options and a perfect fit.
  • Bi-fold PVC Doors – Open your enclosure further with our bi-fold doors, which collapse onto each other to pack away in the corners. They offer the same protections and elegance that our sliding doors do, but with an even smaller footprint when opened.

    About Simple Outdoor Screens

Our one focus is providing the best possible outdoor spaces for our clients. If you want the perfect entertaining space for alfresco dining and cocktails, consider how our screens may look on your new deck. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and let us help you find the ideal design for your new enclosed patio.